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Thwane Game Lodge

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Our Location/Thing To Bring

Please stop by and visit if you are in the area.


Things to Bring

Check List

Your travel documents:

Passport - Valid for at least six months (keep a photocopy of the passport separately from your documents)

2 passport size photos
Vaccination card
Any Visas required
Credit Card
Travelers Cheques

A durable dust & waterproof handbag for all your camera equipment
A small bag for carrying mineral water and other necessities is recommended on safari walks
Money belts for keeping your documents, cash etc.
Neutral colored clothing
Warm sweaters or jackets (despite the season South Africa can often be cold in the early morning and late evenings. Raincoats are also advisable.
Comfortable walking shoes are a must while on safari; Flip-flops are convenient while at the lodge or on the beach.
Swimsuit, most of the safari lodges feature swimming pools and especially on hot days a swim is a welcoming way to cool off.
Warm sleeping clothes
A cap or a wide-brimmed hat
Insect-repellent spray [though most hotels already have these in rooms]
Sunscreen [20 factor plus]
Lip screen
Moist towels
Anti-diarrhea pills
If you are under medication it would be advisable to carry enough supplies of your prescribed medicine.
Small torch (flashlight)
Camera, lenses, extra batteries, cleaning fluid, beanbag tripod & dustcover
2 rolls of film per day 100-400 ASA film or
For digital cameras Floppy disks are widely available within major cities but it would be difficult to get them elsewhere, so please ensure you have a good supply of these or extra memory cards or sticks.
Carry the necessary adapters for your electric equipment such as chargers.

Spectacles and sunglasses
Contact lens solution is available at all chemists within major cities however it is almost impossible to get it in other regions. It would be a good idea to carry a pair of prescription glasses if you have any incase of a problem with your lens (such as dust)
Small notebook and pen.

Thwane Game Lodge
 P.O. Box 119
Lephelale, 0555